Ayurvedic Journey

I am an accredited Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, through the APA (Ayurveda Practitioners Association) which is the largest Ayurveda body in the UK. I have had a long standing interest in nutrition and studied natural approaches to nutrition in the past but it was n’t until I came across Ayurveda that it became an integrated way of life. I became aware of Ayurveda during a sabbatical to India in 2006, I was captivated by its power to support health naturally and its close relationship with yoga. I embarked on an Ayurvedic Practitioners course as soon as I returned from India in 2007, I loved the teachings but life had other ideas.

Instead of pursuing Ayurveda, I started working for a charity which turned into a ten year tenure. However, during this time I maintained an interest in Ayurveda and considered returning to it formally when circumstances allowed it. Fast forward and those circumstances arose when in 2020 I reconnected with Atreya Smith and the European Institute for Vedic Studies. Timing is everything with now being the right time for me to share her passion of Ayurveda with others.