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Covid 19 Guidance

Covid-19 Guidance

  1. If you suspect that you have Covid-19 Symptoms, test positive for Covid-19 or had a contact with a confirmed or suspected Covid case you must contact Jo Lovell. She will contact Kirklands and let the other students know.


  1. If Jo Lovell suspects she has Covid-19 symptoms she will cancel the class and alert the students and Kirklands.


  1. Students must not attend the yoga class if they become sick with Covid-19 symptoms, test positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case. Please notify Jo Lovell.


  1. No student should attend yoga class if they are required to self-isolate or are in quarantine following foreign travel.


  1. A registration form must be completed before attending your first physical class and let Jo Lovell know of any changes in contact details. This information may be used to track and trace individuals.


  1. All classes must be pre-booked and prepaid. No drop in’s will be allowed. Please do not just turn up.


  1. Please park a safe distance away from the next car. If this is not possible ensure social distancing at all times with other car occupants.


  1. Please enter the hall when Jo Lovell arrived, no earlier than 5 minutes before the class.  This is to avoid the promotion of social gatherings before the class. Please do not crowd around the entrance waiting for the doors to open, maintain social distancing.


  1. Please sanitise your hands immediately on entering the building.


  1. Please note that only the disabled toilet is in use, please wash your hands according to government guidelines.


  1. Bring your own tissues and catch it, bin it and kill it guidelines.


  1. Place your mat within a 2 metre marked square. A maximum of 3 mats across the hall and 5 mats down the hall. Maintain your position in your space as much as possible, respecting the 2 metre distance. (as a rough guide a mat length is 2 metres)


  1. Doors and windows will be kept open for ventilation.


  1. Bring your own yoga equipment and do not share it with others.


  1. Centre chairs will not be used during the class and Jo Lovell is not able to provide any extra equipment.


  1. Jo Lovell will not perform any hands on adjustments.


  1. Observe social distancing of 2m on entry and exit and at all times during the class.


  1. Leave the class quickly keeping social interaction to a minimum ensuring social distancing at all times.


  1. First Aid will in the first instance be at a 2 metre social distance unless it is a critical situation